Dubai .. Conditions for obtaining a driving license for foreign residents

Urgent.. a new decision obligating all incoming travelers (residence and visit visas) to have health insurance

Urgent.. Publishing the employment contract form after amendments to the "contract term" clause

Urgent.. Message of His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa

Amendments to the system for extending the visa of arrivals from abroad, and determining the extension period with conditions

Activating new mandatory procedures in schools, starting tomorrow

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UAE: Amending the period of stay of the foreigner after the expiry or cancellation of his residence within the country

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The UAE announces an amendment to the period of stay of the foreigner after the expiry or cancellation of his residence within the country

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List of procedures for replacing driving licenses from other countries in the UAE

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Police: Issuing a damage certificate for owners of damaged cars.. How to benefit from the service

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Announcing the new terms and procedures for marriage in the UAE

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