Urgent.. Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed adopts Friday as the date of an important event for citizens and residents

Officially.. a new law sets the controls for absence from work ..and how to cancel the employer's complaint

Urgent.. Implementation of the decision to end the school day early on Monday in some schools

A special urgent official decision regarding the change of passport fees and the number of years of validity

Officially .. the maximum delay in the payment of salaries to employees in the UAE

Urgent.. One month deadline for ID card holders in the UAE

Launching the initiative to reduce traffic violations by 50%.. Last date to benefit from it

Urgent.. 8 cases that allow the employer to deduct an amount from the worker's salary

Urgent.. obligating an airline to pay 21,000 dirhams in compensation to a passenger due to flight delays

Regions in the UAE announce 4 days of paid leave... modifying the duration of the vacation."

The expiry date of the traffic granted to correct the conditions of the violating cars

Announcing a 30-day deadline for drivers to renew their driving licence

Urgent: 35% discount on traffic violations

UAE: 120-day period for issuing identity cards and imposing a fine of 20 dirhams per day on violators

Officially.. the date and duration of the Eid Al-Fitr holiday in the private and government sectors

Urgent.. An official holiday for 6 days will be announced soon

Urgent: The date for activating the new visa system for travelers to the Emirates

Introducing a new electronic visa to enter the UAE that can be extended

New Zealand government delays full reopening until October

After canceling her wedding... Jacinda Ardern sets the date for the end of precautionary measures

Urgent.. An astronomical date for the first day of Ramadan has been set

UAE: 4-day official holiday for workers in the private and government sectors

UAE: Sets the date for the New Year's holiday for employees

Officially.. an exceptional paid holiday for all workers and employees for several days..Details