Urgent.. Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed adopts Friday as the date of an important event for citizens and residents

Urgent.. Standardizing the value of residence and visit violations and reducing visa fees

Urgent.. 5 days off for private school students..Details

Urgent.. International Astronomy Center: An exceptional astronomical phenomenon in the UAE in a few days

Urgent.. Exempting travelers from visa for some destinations at the beginning of next month

Students in several schools have been granted a 9-day continuous vacation

Urgent.. Two days paid leave for workers in the Emirates

Urgent.. Activating the new entry visa system and updated residency options within days..Details

Urgent.. a new paid holiday within days for all workers in the Emirates

Amendments to the system for extending the visa of arrivals from abroad, and determining the extension period with conditions

Activating new mandatory procedures in schools, starting tomorrow

Officially.. a new law sets the controls for absence from work ..and how to cancel the employer's complaint

Officially.. Employees are granted an additional 10 days paid vacation.. Conditions

Granting workers paid and unpaid leave in sick cases for a period of 90 days in some cases

Urgent.. UAE banks to adjust banking fees in the coming days

Urgent.. Officially delaying the payment of employee salaries in 4 cases

Officially .. the maximum delay in the payment of salaries to employees in the UAE

Urgent: 4 days paid vacation for all workers in the UAE

Police: Issuing a damage certificate for owners of damaged cars.. How to benefit from the service

Regions in the UAE announce 4 days of paid leave... modifying the duration of the vacation."

Urgent.. an official holiday that lasts for several days for workers in the private sector

An urgent decision by the traffic department regarding the penalty for violating the red light in the Emirates

Starting today, reducing the period of green traffic and activating new decisions for citizens and residents

Urgent.. Imposing strict procedures again and a fine of 3000 dirhams