Urgent.. Implementation of a new mandatory decision on all workers in the "private" and "governmental" sectors

Urgent.. a new decision obligating all incoming travelers (residence and visit visas) to have health insurance

Students in several schools have been granted a 9-day continuous vacation

The President of the State issues an official decision on unemployment insurance

Urgent .. A ministerial decision determines the leave of the private sector on the occasion of the Prophet's birthday

Urgent.. Implementation of the decision to end the school day early on Monday in some schools

An official decision to deport "violating" foreigners to their country..Details

A special urgent official decision regarding the change of passport fees and the number of years of validity

Urgent.. Issuance of residence permits for family members residing in the UAE for a period of 10 years, subject to renewal

Urgent .. 9 cases in which a foreigner may reside in the Emirates without work

The UAE grants foreign expatriates a 10-year, renewable residency

Urgent.. an official decision for the private sector to activate the remote work system on Thursday and Friday

Raising the salaries of some employees in a number of sectors by 80%

Urgent.. A fine of one million dirhams against violators of the new federal law

An urgent decision by the traffic department regarding the penalty for violating the red light in the Emirates

Cabinet decision on reviewing the financial rights of workers and employees

A new decision for drivers regarding the times of ban on some important roads

Urgent.. a new decision regarding calculating the end of service gratuity for employees in the UAE

Urgent .. the closure of a famous restaurant in the Emirates due to risks to public health

Urgent.. 12 thousand new job opportunities this year

Reducing service fees and fines for workers in the private sector, including issuing work permits

The decision to pay employees’ financial contributions for paid and unpaid leave

Free shopping bags canceled at the beginning of next month "June"

Cancellation and modification of some travel procedures for travelers to several regions