New mandatory decisions for students and teachers until the end of the school year

Urgent.. Linking the worker's credit report application to the digital identity system "UAE Pass"

Starting today, reducing the period of green traffic and activating new decisions for citizens and residents

“Emergency and Crises” takes urgent decisions due to shocking developments in the epidemiological situation

Urgent.. Preventing foreigners from working in 4 professions in the UAE

The new five-year visas for those coming to the UAE...Details

Urgent decisions in the country after the death of Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed

Urgent.. Announcing 60,000 job opportunities in the UAE in the coming weeks

Cabinet: Cancellation of foreigners’ employment in thousands of jobs and reduction of service fees

Etihad Airways statement on easing travel procedures to Abu Dhabi

UAE: New pleasant decisions for travelers at airports... and exempting them from strict procedures

Officially.. an exceptional paid holiday for all workers and employees for several days..Details

His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid adopts important decisions a while ago

Imposing severe travel restrictions on travelers to these destinations.. Categories excluded restrictions

Urgent statement regarding the travel ban to some countries and the imposition of new restrictions on travelers

Urgent statement from "Health" regarding the travel ban to limit the spread of the Omicron mutant

Urgent.. Countries start activating travel ban decisions and new procedures for travelers

Urgent.. Sheikh Khalifa issues 10 important decisions