Urgent message regarding suspension and suspension of flights with some destinations

Urgent.. 4 categories of expatriates are eligible for 10-year residency (golden residency)

Urgent.. Completely lift travel restrictions with these destinations and countries

Urgent decision.. Lifting travel restrictions for travelers to several destinations

Reducing travel restrictions for travelers coming from 47 destinations

Good news for travelers about lifting travel restrictions for several destinations

Urgent.. a new crisis facing travelers when heading to these destinations

New procedures for travel to some international destinations, starting from November 8

Suddenly, airlines reduce the weight of luggage and bags for passengers

For emergency reasons .. Re-cancellation of flights to and from several destinations

Record rise in airline tickets prices for many destinations

Urgent.. Suspending flight reservations to several destinations for a month due to the Omicron virus

Imposing severe travel restrictions on travelers to these destinations.. Categories excluded restrictions

Imposing strict mandatory procedures on travelers arriving at these destinations

Urgent change of travel rules and procedures to and from several destinations..Details

Starting today, the entry of travelers from several destinations is suspended

Urgent statement regarding travel to and from the Emirates, Kuwait and other countries during the coming period

Disrupting the movement of passengers to and from many destinations

UAE: Updating the "Green List" of Travel Destinations

Airlines: Adjustments in airline ticket prices after increasing them

Urgent..Adjustment of travel procedures at airports for travelers to these destinations