Dubai .. Conditions for obtaining a driving license for foreign residents

Urgent.. Two days paid leave for workers in the Emirates

Urgent.. Updating the official speeds and controlling the radar in the streets of Dubai

Urgent.. Cases that allow immediate termination of the employment contract without warning

Conditions for obtaining a scholarship in the UAE from IMT Dubai

Urgent.. New services to prevent drivers from being subjected to violations

Urgent.. the police oblige all drivers to sign a "pledge" and warn them of a fine of 1,000 dirhams and 12 black points

Urgent.. flydubai offers discounted booking prices for travelers to 4 countries

Urgent.. Dubai Airport announces the cancellation of 44 flights and diversion of flights to other airports

A foreign resident in the UAE wins $1 million in Dubai Duty Free raffles

Urgent .. ┬źDubai Airports┬╗ launches an important service for passengers around the clock

Announcing the new terms and procedures for marriage in the UAE

Urgent.. Start receiving applications for study grants in the name of Sheikh Hamdan bin Rashid at the University of Dubai

Urgent .. Preventing foreign residents from working in some professions soon

Urgent.. Offer packages for booking airline tickets at discounted prices for travelers

Urgent.. Preventing residents from working in some professions soon

Urgent.. "Finance" announces a monthly bonus and paid leave for employees

Urgent.. Adding a qualification program for job seekers for a period of 12 months

Important police warning to all travelers about airline tickets

UAE: Launching campaigns to control irregular behavior violations

Urgent.. Beware 11 violations of civilized behavior with a fine of up to 5000 dirhams

Urgent.. The Roads and Transport Authority sets up a driver evaluation system for passengers

Cases of objection to failure in the driving test in Dubai. The objection

Now .. Cancellation of the collection of some government fees from citizens and residents