Urgent..Emergency alerts to drivers in the UAE due to fog

Urgent.. a plane deviated from the runway while landing, and emergency teams handle the accident

“Emergency and Crises” takes urgent decisions due to shocking developments in the epidemiological situation

Passenger plane makes emergency landing due to sudden danger

Urgent.. Changing the route of thousands of flights and canceling many for emergency reasons

Urgent.. Amending travel procedures at UAE airports

Urgent.. Entry facilities for passengers arriving through airports in these areas

Updating the protocol for passengers arriving at the country’s airports

Urgent.. a plane splits in half while trying to make an emergency landing

Amending and updating entry procedures for travelers coming through the country’s ports

Announcing an emergency because 1,100 earthquakes hit one area in just 48 hours

UAE: Implementation of a new study system due to the Omicron mutant

UAE: Updating the conditions for gatherings and holding community events

Adopting and imposing new types of examinations on incoming travelers

Urgent.. Adopting a new protocol and obligating citizens and residents to use it in the coming days

Urgent| The crash of a plane... on board a prominent figure, his family and others.. none of them survived

Urgent| A plane crashed.. on board a prominent figure, his family and others... No one survived

UAE begins updating entry protocols for incoming travelers

Urgent warnings from the authorities.. not to leave the house unless absolutely necessary

For some shocking reason, a plane made an emergency landing, passengers fled, and the airport was closed..Details

Updating the travel protocol for citizens of countries to which travel has been prohibited

Plane disappears from radar during landing

For emergency reasons .. Re-cancellation of flights to and from several destinations

Passenger plane evacuated after a report threatening the lives of passengers