Announcing the priority in employment among those looking for job opportunities.. for humanitarian reasons

Urgent.. 6 conditions for granting foreign workers 10-year residency in the UAE

Urgent.. Publishing the employment contract form after amendments to the "contract term" clause

Urgent.. New amendments to employment contracts to serve employees

Urgent.. 4 challenges facing job seekers in 100 government and private institutions in the UAE

Urgent.. Important amendments to employment contracts in the private sector serving multiple nationalities

Urgent.. Cases that allow immediate termination of the employment contract without warning

Officially..abolishing the sponsorship system and relying on the employment contract of foreign workers

Urgent.. A new law grants workers in the UAE the right to residency for 5 years without the need for a work contract

Urgent.. Conditions for granting expatriates working in the UAE green residency for 5 years

Urgent .. Employment and wages rise to the highest level in 10 years

Officially.. Adoption of sabbatical leave for self-employment

Urgent.. 1010 employers offer jobs and training opportunities for job seekers

Officially, new amendments to employment contracts in the private sector have been introduced

A ministerial warning to private sector institutions to prevent foreigners from working in some professions

Urgent.. Cases that allow the worker to terminate the employment contract without prior notice

Urgent... Providing job opportunities for 13,000 establishments in the "private" sector

The professions that the UAE intends to bring to work in the coming period

Urgent.. Determining the notice period for moving from one job to another

Cabinet: Cancellation of foreigners’ employment in thousands of jobs and reduction of service fees

Providing a training program for job seekers and obligating some companies to employ them

Urgent.. Announcing employment cases for employees only 4 hours a day

Urgent: The employee has the right to be absent in order to find another job

A ministerial decision lays down the terms of termination of the employment contract.