Urgent.. Determining expatriates who are eligible to obtain 10-year residency in the UAE

Urgent.. Conditions for granting expatriates working in the UAE green residency for 5 years

The UAE grants foreign expatriates a 10-year, renewable residency

Urgent.. Expatriates were arrested and imprisoned for a handbag

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Urgent: 5 ministerial warnings to citizens and residents regarding the recruitment of expatriates

Urgent .. Determine 3 ways to prove residence for expatriates

Urgent.. "Dubai Residency" announces the provision of new services for expatriates

Urgent.. Implementation of a new system for renewing "residency" for expatriates next week

Urgent circular from identity and nationality to civil aviation regarding resident travel

Imprisonment and deportation of some expatriates because of "insurance" for traffic accidents

Companies are preparing to start localizing 50% of jobs and prevent expatriates from working in them

A new decision from the “Human Resources” regarding the collection of fees for the employment of expatriates

UAE: 12 types of “work permits” regulating work in the “private” sector

UAE: The Labor Committee begins entertainment operations for expatriates

Good news for citizens and expatriates regarding exempting their own cars from fees

Launching the first insurance policy for expatriates

Gulf countries start withdrawing driving licenses from expatriates

Urgent statement to expatriates regarding their cars

Determining the work and vacation law for workers in the private sector

"Health" advises banning travel to and from 3 Arab countries

Urgent Decree .. Defining the obligations of expatriates and workers in the private sector