Urgent.. Standardizing the value of residence and visit violations and reducing visa fees

Urgent.. AED 650 multi-year visa issuance fees for those coming to the UAE

Urgent.. Obligating a foreign expatriate to pay 7000 dirhams of visa fees that she did not extract

Officially .. amending bank fees within weeks

Urgent.. UAE banks to adjust banking fees in the coming days

Urgent.. New services to prevent drivers from being subjected to violations

A special urgent official decision regarding the change of passport fees and the number of years of validity

Urgent.. High fees for adjusting airline tickets for travelers

Urgent.. Determining the categories exempted from electricity fees

Now .. Cancellation of the collection of some government fees from citizens and residents

Urgent.. the law criminalizes wearing some types of clothing inside the UAE

A job seeker loses 20,000 dirhams due to job fraud in the UAE

“Identity”: providing 20 proactive services for foreigners and citizens..Details

Obligating the worker to pay fees to the employer for “unpaid leave”

Reducing service fees and fines for workers in the private sector, including issuing work permits

Determining the maximum fees for work permits from inside and outside the country

Adoption of new fees for obtaining a work permit

Cabinet: Cancellation of foreigners’ employment in thousands of jobs and reduction of service fees

A car rental contract of 100 dirhams costs the tenant 51 thousand dirhams

Urgent: Saving some fees imposed on residents when issuing and renewing identity

Urgent .. Determine 3 ways to prove residence for expatriates

Urgent: Activating a new system for paying public parking fees

Official alert to car owners on the streets of the capital

The decision of the “Human Resources” regarding the imposition of fees on the employment of workers within the country