Ministry of Finance new list of categories exempted from accompanying fees .

A 10-year visa ensures that expatriates stay longer

Saudi Council of Ministers new decisions to be implemented by the beginning of 2020

Saudi Passports: A new statement of accompanying fees at the beginning of 2020

Saudi Finance Minister's statement on the amendment of the new arrivals fees 2020

Saudi passports issue an important statement for all residents in 2020

Granting a permanent residence visa in the Emirates for a period of ten years for expatriates and all family members

Saudi Arabia decides to cancel a worker visa and apply a professional examination to expatriate workers at nominal fees

Sudden decision Migrant workers in Saudi Arabia receive a decision to expel migrants and their families residing

The Emir of Kuwait’s decision to renew the residence permit for expatriates before the beginning of 2020

Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad amending e-visa fees for all foreign workers

The Minister of Industry and Mineral Resources clarifies the new arrivals fees 2020 and new jobs

Fees and conditions owed to extend residence for wives of expatriates for 2020

King Salman: A decision urgent to the passports of the Kingdom to amend the conditions of arrivals before the renewal of the residency of 2020

Uae | Student fees reduced 30%

And the UAE has an urgent decision to impose additional fees on these products.  

Gulf states' decisions: canceling fees and reducing rent due to Corona

Bahrain canceled some loans and postponed some of them 6 months without any fees