UAE: Urgent statement on passports

Launching the Travelers and Expatriates Insurance Policy

New Zealand enacts a law the first of its kind in the world regarding banking and currencies

Harassment by the work manager causes a painful end to the life of an employee..Details

Hamdan bin Mohammed approves the launch of the "Provision Fund for Foreign Employees in the Emirates"

Exemption of entry visas for travelers from 163 countries

Warning citizens and residents of 10 violations, fine of 500 dirhams

Mohammed bin Rashid issues a law on financial entitlements for employees

Urgent.. borders open for visa-free travel to 166 countries

Urgent.. Warning of new methods of financial fraud through social networking sites

Imprisonment and deportation of some expatriates because of "insurance" for traffic accidents

Urgent.. a list of violations of the penalty for each of them 2000 dirhams

UAE: Granting golden residency to residents working in the country after spending a specified period of time

Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed orders the disbursement of a financial "Eidiya" on the occasion of Eid Al-Fitr

Urgent.. 6 conditions for spouses to receive a government grant of 70 thousand

Providing 100 scholarships for citizens and residents with conditions

Providing a training program for job seekers and obligating some companies to employ them

Urgent.. Announcing 60,000 job opportunities in the UAE in the coming weeks

Urgent.. "Khalifa Fund" provides 15,000 job opportunities and loans worth 1.3 billion dirhams

Free shopping bags canceled at the beginning of next month "June"

The decision to pay employees’ financial contributions for paid and unpaid leave

UAE: A platform for submitting complaints from citizens and residents of the state's workers

UAE: The President of the State issues urgent financial directives

Urgent.. 185 thousand dirhams, the value of compensation for bank card damage