Last decision from the Saudi Civil Aviation regarding the return of flights between Egypt and Saudi Arabia

Urgent message regarding suspension and suspension of flights with some destinations

Official warning: the possibility of a total ban on flights between some countries

Urgent.. Banning and suspending flights between some countries

Details of the evacuation of the arrival hall No. 2 at the airport due to a suspicious package

For emergency reasons .. Re-cancellation of flights to and from several destinations

Urgent.. once again announcing the ban on flights to and from 6 countries

For fear of the outbreak of the African corona mutator.. suspending flights to a number of countries

Incoming flights canceled for two months due to the Omicron mutant

Urgent statement from civil aviation regarding flights and passengers

Disruption of travel and flights after thousands of flights were suddenly canceled

Urgent.. Thousands of flights canceled

Urgent.. a shocking decision to cancel tens of thousands of flights worldwide

Announcing the launch of 100,000 free airline tickets for travelers

A major airline suspends all flights except for flights to one country

Airlines: Adjustments in airline ticket prices after increasing them

New Zealand suspends direct flights with 9 countries due to the Omicron mutant

An armed attack on an international airport and the cancellation of flights

An important statement from Emirates Airlines regarding the operation of international flights

Urgent.. Adjusting the launch site of 1,000 flights per week at Dubai airports

Urgent.. Changing the route of thousands of flights and canceling many for emergency reasons