Dropping residency permits for 40,000 expatriates and raising visa and residency fees

UAE: 6 days leave for all paid employees

New visa restrictions for travelers

Urgent UAE: 6 days leave for all paid employees

Good news for all state employees after the issuance of the Emiri Decree

An important warning from the authorities regarding employment contracts for expatriates

New Zealand sets one condition for ending lockdowns

New Zealand enacts a law the first of its kind in the world regarding banking and currencies

New Zealand has decided to ban these products definitively from next year

The date of banning the sale of new petrol and diesel cars and replacing them with electric cars

The government repeals three controversial laws protested by citizens

UAE.. The date of the National Day holiday and Martyr's Day

An exceptional paid holiday for all employees for 3 days.

Imposing strict mandatory procedures on travelers arriving at these destinations

Features of the surprises of the cabinet formation in Kuwait The bags of forming the new government

New Zealand Plans to Eventually Ban All these products Sales

Officially.. an exceptional paid holiday for all workers and employees for several days..Details

UAE: Sets the date for the New Year's holiday for employees

UAE: 4-day official holiday for workers in the private and government sectors

A circular directed to all institutions and residents in the Emirates after amending the procedures to confront Corona

The UAE is awaiting an important event within days..Details

Urgent.. Imposing new procedures on employees, citizens and residents every week

UAE: New official working hours for employees

New Zealand to Review How Banks Apply New Home-Lending Rules