Urgent.. a new decision obligating all incoming travelers (residence and visit visas) to have health insurance

Urgent.. Obligating students' parents to complete new procedures

Urgent.. Amending the health insurance system for employees

Urgent.. Providing scholarships for foreign residents in the UAE..Details

Announcing the new terms and procedures for marriage in the UAE

Urgent.. an important warning from the Ministry of Health

Urgent.. Beware 11 violations of civilized behavior with a fine of up to 5000 dirhams

Urgent .. The penalty for electronic promotion of some products is "one million dirhams"

Urgent .. the closure of a famous restaurant in the Emirates due to risks to public health

Urgent.. The Ministry's guarantees for resolving disputes with employers

Urgent instructions from the Ministry of Health after detecting the first case of monkeypox

Urgent.. Starting to monitor monkeypox cases in the Emirates

Urgent.. "Health" warns of the spread of a dangerous infection.. Prevention instructions

Urgent.. "Health" warns of a dangerous disease that attacks children

Urgent .. the closure of a famous restaurant in the Emirates due to insects and filth

Urgent..a famous restaurant closed due to dangerous unhealthy practices that were discovered

Urgent: Launching a new electronic platform to facilitate entry for travelers coming into the country

Urgent health warning due to the discovery of the danger of two products to life

Health issues an important warning to citizens before fasting the month of Ramadan

New decision for all residents regarding residence examination

Important ministerial circular to citizens and residents regarding corona vaccine certificates

Urgent official decision regarding vaccinations for all citizens and residents

UAE: The Ministry of Health warns all citizens and residents after discovering the presence of harmful products

Urgent: Arab countries impose a health passport on travelers