Urgent.. a mysterious disease that affects the brain begins to spread and affects embassy staff

Urgent.. Arab schools closed due to the spread of a dangerous germ of unknown source

For fear of the outbreak of the African corona mutator.. suspending flights to a number of countries

Urgent statement to all citizens and residents in the Emirates, Bahrain, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia

Urgent statement from "Health" regarding the travel ban to limit the spread of the Omicron mutant

Imposing strict mandatory procedures on travelers arriving at these destinations

"Health" advises banning travel to and from 3 Arab countries

An important statement from the Ministry of Health after monitoring the Omicron mutant

Urgent: A shocking announcement of health for all residents

Urgent, the UAE authorities impose new medical examinations on employees

An urgent statement from the Ministry of Health regarding the travel ban on 127 countries, considering them as high risk..Details

Urgent: Arab countries impose a health passport on travelers

UAE: The Ministry of Health warns all citizens and residents after discovering the presence of harmful products

Urgent official decision regarding vaccinations for all citizens and residents

Important ministerial circular to citizens and residents regarding corona vaccine certificates

New decision for all residents regarding residence examination

Health issues an important warning to citizens before fasting the month of Ramadan

Urgent health warning due to the discovery of the danger of two products to life

Urgent: Launching a new electronic platform to facilitate entry for travelers coming into the country

Urgent..a famous restaurant closed due to dangerous unhealthy practices that were discovered

Urgent .. the closure of a famous restaurant in the Emirates due to insects and filth

Urgent.. "Health" warns of a dangerous disease that attacks children

Urgent.. "Health" warns of the spread of a dangerous infection.. Prevention instructions