Urgent.. Two planes collide in the sky near the airport

Urgent..a plane crash..and an official statement to mourn the victims

Urgent.. Banning and suspending flights between some countries

Urgent.. Airport disrupted for several hours after a horrific plane landing accident and investigations began

Urgent.. Arab schools closed due to the spread of a dangerous germ of unknown source

Providing immediate driving licenses to expatriates for the residence campaign and reducing training hours

Urgent.. Disrupting the airport and withdrawing the plane after parts of it crashed during landing

Suddenly, an earthquake hits parts of the country and was felt by the residents

Urgent Decree .. Defining the obligations of expatriates and workers in the private sector

Urgent statement regarding the travel ban to some countries and the imposition of new restrictions on travelers

Imposing severe travel restrictions on travelers to these destinations.. Categories excluded restrictions

Urgent| A plane crashed.. on board a prominent figure, his family and others... No one survived

Institutions adopt 6 working days, and the weekly holiday is one day

Determining the work and vacation law for workers in the private sector

Urgent change of travel rules and procedures to and from several destinations..Details

New general rules for the work of citizens and residents

Urgent statement to expatriates regarding their cars

Starting today, the entry of travelers from several destinations is suspended

Gulf countries start withdrawing driving licenses from expatriates

Preparations for the "new holiday" and the extension of working hours.. for employees and shopping centers

UAE: Sets the date for the New Year's holiday for employees

Urgent statement regarding travel to and from the Emirates, Kuwait and other countries during the coming period

Urgent.. Imposing new procedures on employees, citizens and residents every week

An urgent statement from the Ministry of Health regarding the travel ban on 127 countries, considering them as high risk..Details