Urgent circular to all passengers arriving and departing from the country through the airport

Urgent statement regarding Dubai airports

New Zealand provides NZ$2 million in aid to Ukraine

UAE: Imprisonment and a fine of one million dirhams as a penalty for some electronic violations

Hamdan bin Zayed directives to support more than two million people in the coming days

Warning: Imprisonment and a fine of half a million dirhams is the penalty for committing this violation

UAE :Taking phone photos causes imprisonment and a fine of 500,000 dirhams

The court obliges a company to pay 489,000 dirhams to an employee

Urgent .. Warning to employees of a "work violation" that leads to imprisonment and a fine of one million dirhams

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid's orders: 2565 people were given 13 million dirhams

Update and amend travel procedures to and from the country's airports

Public Prosecution: A fine of 10 million dirhams is the penalty for violators on social media

Dubai Islamic Bank donates and pays rent for struggling families

UAE: The President of the State issues urgent financial directives

A court ruling against the employer obligating him to pay one million and 200 thousand dirhams as compensation to a “foreign” worker

An employee fined 1.3 million dirhams for violations at work

Urgent.. An Indian resident finds a bag with a million dirhams on his way home

Urgent.. a fine for violations of the "labor law" of up to one million dirhams

Urgent .. The penalty for electronic promotion of some products is "one million dirhams"

Urgent.. an important statement for all travelers through Dubai airports