Urgent.. A fine of 400 dirhams was imposed on employees due to unemployment insurance

Urgent.. A new mandatory insurance system to protect the interests of workers covering 6 cases

Urgent.. Procedures for foreign workers in the educational sector to obtain a 10-year residency

Urgent.. Publishing the employment contract form after amendments to the "contract term" clause

Urgent.. New amendments to employment contracts to serve employees

Urgent.. Important amendments to employment contracts in the private sector serving multiple nationalities

Officially.. a new law sets the controls for absence from work ..and how to cancel the employer's complaint

New mandatory decisions for students and teachers until the end of the school year

Granting workers paid and unpaid leave in sick cases for a period of 90 days in some cases

Conditions for obtaining a scholarship in the UAE from IMT Dubai

Urgent.. Activating the automatic link for traffic violations

Officially.. new instructions for travelers to and from Emirates airports

Urgent.. Providing financial support to 47,300 families in the UAE

Urgent: The dates of disbursing an "inflation allowance" for low-income people in the Emirates

Police: Issuing a damage certificate for owners of damaged cars.. How to benefit from the service

Urgent circular from the police now to residents of several regions of the country not to leave their homes

Announcing the new terms and procedures for marriage in the UAE

Urgent.. Cases of obligating the employer to pay two months' salary to the worker

Urgent.. Generalization of the electronic authentication service for citizens and residents from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

New instructions for 1064 institutions in the private sector to prevent the work of foreign residents

Activating severe fines for violations of employee work in some sectors

Urgent.. 4 conditions that allow a worker to be employed in other than his specialty

Urgent.. an official holiday that lasts for several days for workers in the private sector

Ministerial circular to job seekers regarding the detection of fake job offers