Now.. a smart service to evaluate the performance of employees working in the UAE

Urgent.. Publishing the employment contract form after amendments to the "contract term" clause

The President of the State issues an official decision on unemployment insurance

Urgent.. New amendments to employment contracts to serve employees

Prohibition of disbursing end-of-service benefits instead of “deferred dues” to employees in these cases

Officially .. Allowing the renewal of incoming travelers' visas for an additional period

Amendments to the system for extending the visa of arrivals from abroad, and determining the extension period with conditions

Activating new mandatory procedures in schools, starting tomorrow

Urgent.. Police identifies 10 mistakes made by drivers in the recent period

For workers in the private sector.. 11 cases that allow the cancellation of the work contract without warning

Officially.. a new law sets the controls for absence from work ..and how to cancel the employer's complaint

Identifying the 65 most in-demand professions to work in the UAE during the coming period

Granting foreign residents an additional 5 years of residence after the end of the work period.. Conditions

Officially.. Employees are granted an additional 10 days paid vacation.. Conditions

Granting workers paid and unpaid leave in sick cases for a period of 90 days in some cases

UAE: Amending the period of stay of the foreigner after the expiry or cancellation of his residence within the country

The UAE announces an amendment to the period of stay of the foreigner after the expiry or cancellation of his residence within the country

Officially .. the amendment of expatriate visas and the extension of the period of stay in the UAE after the expiry of the residence

A special urgent official decision regarding the change of passport fees and the number of years of validity

Urgent.. The UAE offers 8 types of visit visas to incoming travelers

Urgent.. Issuance of residence permits for family members residing in the UAE for a period of 10 years, subject to renewal

Urgent.. A new law grants workers in the UAE the right to residency for 5 years without the need for a work contract

Urgent.. Officially delaying the payment of employee salaries in 4 cases

Officially .. the maximum delay in the payment of salaries to employees in the UAE