Urgent.. A fine of 400 dirhams was imposed on employees due to unemployment insurance

Urgent.. Implementation of a new mandatory decision on all workers in the "private" and "governmental" sectors

Urgent.. 5 days off for private school students..Details

Urgent .. Preventing foreign residents from working in some professions soon in the UAE

Students in several schools have been granted a 9-day continuous vacation

Urgent.. Publishing the employment contract form after amendments to the "contract term" clause

Urgent .. A ministerial decision determines the leave of the private sector on the occasion of the Prophet's birthday

Urgent.. Reducing class times in some schools and allowing students to leave early

Urgent.. 4 challenges facing job seekers in 100 government and private institutions in the UAE

Urgent.. Important amendments to employment contracts in the private sector serving multiple nationalities

For workers in the private sector.. 11 cases that allow the cancellation of the work contract without warning

Urgent.. Implementation of the decision to end the school day early on Monday in some schools

Officially.. Employees are granted an additional 10 days paid vacation.. Conditions

Warning to all job seekers in the UAE about some of the available jobs

Officially.. Implementation of a new system of workers' rights and bank guarantees for workers in the UAE

Urgent.. an official decision for the private sector to activate the remote work system on Thursday and Friday

Urgent.. the UAE government grants all employees in the country a new holiday

Officially.. a new paid holiday for the private and government sectors

Officially.. the new school calendar for the next academic year has been set

New instructions for 1064 institutions in the private sector to prevent the work of foreign residents

Urgent.. New job opportunities in 1420 employers

Regions in the UAE announce 4 days of paid leave... modifying the duration of the vacation."

Urgent.. an official holiday that lasts for several days for workers in the private sector

Officially, new amendments to employment contracts in the private sector have been introduced