Saudi Arabia amends entry procedures for residents and visitors

New procedures for travel to some international destinations, starting from November 8

UAE adopts new procedures for residency and to enable the family to be brought

Providing immediate driving licenses to expatriates for the residence campaign and reducing training hours

Urgent.. Countries start activating travel ban decisions and new procedures for travelers

Urgent statement from "Health" regarding the travel ban to limit the spread of the Omicron mutant

Imposing strict mandatory procedures on travelers arriving at these destinations

Urgent change of travel rules and procedures to and from several destinations..Details

A circular directed to all institutions and residents in the Emirates after amending the procedures to confront Corona

UAE: 4 procedures to implement the 3-day weekend system

Urgent.. Imposing new procedures on employees, citizens and residents every week

UAE: Updating the "Green List" of Travel Destinations

UAE: Introducing 6 conditions for issuing work permits

New Travel Conditions: Latest Procedures and Restrictions for Travelers

UAE: New pleasant decisions for travelers at airports... and exempting them from strict procedures

Etihad Airways statement on easing travel procedures to Abu Dhabi

Update the procedures for renewing a residence permit in the UAE

Amending and updating entry procedures for travelers coming through the country’s ports

Tomorrow... New procedures will be applied to travelers coming from abroad at the airport

Civil Aviation: Implementing a new air system to facilitate procedures

Urgent: Saving some fees imposed on residents when issuing and renewing identity

Update and amend travel procedures to and from the country's airports

Urgent.. Introducing new visas and amending the residency system

Urgent: Increasing the period of "residency" .. Introducing a new system for green residency