Urgent.. Stopping the overtime bonus affects the quality of services and the living life of employees

Urgent.. Amendments to the paid public holidays law for workers in the UAE

Officially.. new instructions for travelers to and from Emirates airports

An important warning for residents of some areas in the Emirates from Sunday to Thursday

Urgent: 4 days paid vacation for all workers in the UAE

Urgent.. Important alert from Abu Dhabi Police

Raising the salaries of some employees in a number of sectors by 80%

Urgent warning from the Ministry of the Interior regarding electronic fraud links

Determining the content that is prohibited to be published on social networking sites and its punishment according to the law

UAE: Launching campaigns to control irregular behavior violations

Urgent.. The Roads and Transport Authority sets up a driver evaluation system for passengers

New facilities for job seekers in the private and government sectors..Details

Important from the Public Prosecution for all citizens and residents regarding the secret numbers of electronic accounts

Urgent.. Determining the categories exempted from electricity fees

Penalties of up to 500,000 dirhams for posting some ads on social media

Urgent .. The penalty for electronic promotion of some products is "one million dirhams"

Urgent .. the closure of a famous restaurant in the Emirates due to risks to public health

Urgent.. Expatriates were arrested and imprisoned for a handbag

Urgent decision to suspend work hours in the public and private sectors and declare mourning

Public Prosecution: A fine of 10 million dirhams is the penalty for violators on social media

An urgent warning document for all employees in the country due to the use of social networking sites

Urgent.. a list of violations of the penalty for each of them 2000 dirhams

Urgent .. the closure of a famous restaurant in the Emirates due to insects and filth

Remote work application for 4 days during this month