Urgent.. An astronomical date for the first day of Ramadan has been set

Official working hours in the month of Ramadan

Decision to reduce working hours in the “private” sector

UAE: Activating work with new working hours in the coming days

Hamdan bin Zayed directives to support more than two million people in the coming days

Determining the official working hours for employees during Ramadan

“Human Resources” announces the official working hours for the month of Ramadan

Activate the flexible working system and remote work for employees

Health issues an important warning to citizens before fasting the month of Ramadan

UAE: A humanitarian decision by the President of the State for hundreds of citizens and residents

The Prime Minister issues new orders to make citizens and residents happy

A new referendum on working hours during Ramadan

An exceptional event that the country will witness in the coming days

Citizens and residents are waiting for an important event on Friday

Urgent.. Announcing an official holiday 3 days a week for a month

An important statement to all citizens and residents of the country

Urgent.. Higher orders for the happiness of hundreds of citizens and residents

Important circular for drivers regarding traffic violations

Urgent.. Warning of new methods of financial fraud through social networking sites

Urgent.. 5 job categories are excluded from the maximum working hours

Urgent.. 15 days off from work during the month of Ramadan

Remote work application for 4 days during this month

Officially.. the date and duration of the Eid Al-Fitr holiday in the private and government sectors

Urgent.. Institutions in the country announce the start of the Eid Al-Fitr holiday from tomorrow