Dropping residency permits for expatriates raising residency fees and visa fees

Stop granting expatriates a residence permit for more than a year at the beginning of next month

Dropping residency permits for 40,000 expatriates and raising visa and residency fees

Urgent.. 4 categories of expatriates are eligible for 10-year residency (golden residency)

UAE: Multiple visas for 5 years.. Conditions for obtaining them

Urgent.. 6000 people applied for residency and citizenship and then found out that it was fake

Exempting three new categories in Saudi Arabia from residence fees completely

UAE adopts new procedures for residency and to enable the family to be brought

Providing immediate driving licenses to expatriates for the residence campaign and reducing training hours

Granting a resident an exceptional “golden” residence because of the Arabic language

"Identity and Nationality" warning of fraud by expatriate recruitment offices in the UAE

Imposing fines on some residents when renewing residency..Details

Urgent.. Some Gulf countries grant expatriates 15 years residency

A new initiative to renew passports 6 months before their expiry

Entry permit for travelers to the UAE instead of a passport

UAE: 12 types of “work permits” regulating work in the “private” sector

New benefits for golden residency holders

Imprisonment and deportation for wrongly renewing residence

Now.. Nominate yourself today for a golden residency in Abu Dhabi

The UAE provides foreigners with 5 categories of long-stay visas without a sponsor

Urgent: ID card instead of residency sticker on expatriate passports

Unified request to renew residency and identity for foreigners next week

Urgent.. Implementation of a new system for renewing "residency" for expatriates next week

Urgent.. "Dubai Residency" announces the provision of new services for expatriates