The new steps to renew the residence permit and the card electronically

Urgent..a "serious accident" threatens security in the region

UAE begins updating entry protocols for incoming travelers

Exempting expatriates from fines for delaying ID card renewal

An explosion in Basra Governorate, southern Iraq kills and injures

New Zealand provides NZ$2 million in aid to Ukraine

Mohammed bin Rashid issues a law on financial entitlements for employees

Amending and updating entry procedures for travelers coming through the country’s ports

Official circular regarding visa extension, residence permits and 67 e-services

Unified request to renew residency and identity for foreigners next week

UAE: Implementing a new “residency” system to facilitate the residents who are inside and outside the country

Urgent .. Determine 3 ways to prove residence for expatriates

Urgent: Saving some fees imposed on residents when issuing and renewing identity

Urgent: The date for activating the new visa system for travelers to the Emirates

Urgent.. Obstacles to renewing "residency" for residents

UAE: 120-day period for issuing identity cards and imposing a fine of 20 dirhams per day on violators

Urgent.. The Central Bank of the Emirates presents two new banknotes with security specifications

Urgent statement from the police regarding the work of the violating expatriate workers

Residents are required to take 5 steps to prove residency details

Urgent.. Employees in the state are granted 60% of their basic salary due to the "unemployment" system

The decision to pay employees’ financial contributions for paid and unpaid leave

20 dirhams for each day a fine for delaying .. Conditions for renewing the identity of residents

A court ruling against the employer obligating him to pay one million and 200 thousand dirhams as compensation to a “foreign” worker

Obligating the worker to pay fees to the employer for “unpaid leave”