Urgent.. Two planes collide in the sky near the airport

Urgent..a plane crash..and an official statement to mourn the victims

UAE: Urgent statement on passports

A pleasant surprise for all residents on Thursday and Friday

A joint urgent statement from the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait

For emergency reasons .. Re-cancellation of flights to and from several destinations

Suddenly, an earthquake hits parts of the country and was felt by the residents

Urgent statement regarding the system for the survival of expatriates and remittances

A frightening phenomenon that occurs in the sky... and an official statement to clarify what happened

Urgent statement to all citizens and residents in the Emirates, Bahrain, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia

Urgent statement from "Health" regarding the travel ban to limit the spread of the Omicron mutant

Important statement for anyone who owns a car or holds a driver's license in Australia

Urgent statement regarding the travel ban to some countries and the imposition of new restrictions on travelers

Urgent statement from civil aviation regarding flights and passengers

Lewandowski attacks Messi in harsh terms after the latter's statement

Important statement for anyone who owns a home in New Zealand

An important statement from the Ministry of Health after monitoring the Omicron mutant

Institutions adopt 6 working days, and the weekly holiday is one day

Urgent statement .. about the cancellation of 85% of jobs soon and replacing them with others

Determining the work and vacation law for workers in the private sector

Urgent statement to expatriates regarding their cars

Urgent: A shocking announcement of health for all residents

Urgent statement regarding travel to and from the Emirates, Kuwait and other countries during the coming period

An urgent statement from the Ministry of Health regarding the travel ban on 127 countries, considering them as high risk..Details