Urgent statement regarding the system for the survival of expatriates and remittances

New Zealand to end tough COVID curbs, adopt new virus-fighting system

Urgent Decree .. Defining the obligations of expatriates and workers in the private sector

UAE changes the weekly work system and the official holiday on Saturday and Sunday

A new decision regarding the system of calculating the end of service gratuity for citizens and residents

Preparations for the "new holiday" and the extension of working hours.. for employees and shopping centers

UAE: Sets the date for the New Year's holiday for employees

A circular directed to all institutions and residents in the Emirates after amending the procedures to confront Corona

UAE: 4 procedures to implement the 3-day weekend system

The application of the "green traffic" system to citizens and residents in the regions of the country.. Urgent

Urgent.. Adoption of new working hours in public and private schools

Good news for citizens and expatriates regarding exempting their own cars from fees

UAE: Implementation of a new study system due to the Omicron mutant

New Zealand to move into the traffic light system before Christmas

Hamdan bin Mohammed approves the launch of the "Provision Fund for Foreign Employees in the Emirates"

New benefits for golden residency holders

New contracts system for work in the private sector

The statement of the Ministry of Human Resources regarding the working hours on Friday

Etihad Airways statement on easing travel procedures to Abu Dhabi

“Human Resources” announces the official working hours for the month of Ramadan

Activate the flexible working system and remote work for employees

Urgent.. Implementation of a new system for renewing "residency" for expatriates next week

UAE: Implementing a new “residency” system to facilitate the residents who are inside and outside the country

Urgent: Activating a new system for paying public parking fees