Urgent.. A fine of 400 dirhams was imposed on employees due to unemployment insurance

Urgent.. Standardizing the value of residence and visit violations and reducing visa fees

Urgent.. A new mandatory insurance system to protect the interests of workers covering 6 cases

Urgent.. Procedures for foreign workers in the educational sector to obtain a 10-year residency

Urgent.. 6 conditions for granting foreign workers 10-year residency in the UAE

Officially.. 120-day work exploration visa for all nationalities

Urgent.. Activating the new entry visa system and updated residency options within days..Details

Amendments to the system for extending the visa of arrivals from abroad, and determining the extension period with conditions

Activating new mandatory procedures in schools, starting tomorrow

Granting foreign residents an additional 5 years of residence after the end of the work period.. Conditions

Officially..abolishing the sponsorship system and relying on the employment contract of foreign workers

For job seekers in the UAE: 6 steps to search for a job through the “Tamm” platform

Urgent.. Amending the health insurance system for employees

Urgent.. Activating a new system for work and residence for foreigners residing in the UAE next month

Urgent.. A new law grants workers in the UAE the right to residency for 5 years without the need for a work contract

Urgent.. Conditions for granting expatriates working in the UAE green residency for 5 years

Urgent.. Officially delaying the payment of employee salaries in 4 cases

Officially.. Implementation of a new system of workers' rights and bank guarantees for workers in the UAE

Urgent: The dates of disbursing an "inflation allowance" for low-income people in the Emirates

Urgent.. an official decision for the private sector to activate the remote work system on Thursday and Friday

UAE.. Granting the worker the right to obtain a cash allowance for the annual leave or to deport half of it

Steps to search for a job through the “Tamm” platform.. Details

Urgent.. Linking the worker's credit report application to the digital identity system "UAE Pass"

Urgent.. Preventing residents from working in some professions soon