Urgent.. Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed adopts Friday as the date of an important event for citizens and residents

Urgent.. Two days paid leave for workers in the Emirates

Urgent.. a new paid holiday within days for all workers in the Emirates

Urgent.. Obligating students' parents to complete new procedures

Urgent..Emergency alerts to drivers in the UAE due to fog

An official decision to deport "violating" foreigners to their country..Details

Cases of residence in the Emirates without work.. 9 cases

Urgent.. Officially determining procedures for resolving labor disputes in the Emirates

Urgent .. 9 cases in which a foreigner may reside in the Emirates without work

Urgent.. Two air depressions hit the Emirates and important warnings to residents of some areas

An important warning for residents of some areas in the Emirates from Sunday to Thursday

Urgent: The dates of disbursing an "inflation allowance" for low-income people in the Emirates

Officially: paid vacations for workers in the UAE

Urgent.. The Labor Law determines the duration of annual and weekly paid leave for workers

Urgent.. Providing scholarships for foreign residents in the UAE..Details

Announcing the new terms and procedures for marriage in the UAE

Activating severe fines for violations of employee work in some sectors

UAE .. Starting to submit applications for obtaining golden residency

An urgent decision by the traffic department regarding the penalty for violating the red light in the Emirates

Urgent..a strong earthquake suddenly strikes areas in the country and is felt by the residents

Urgent.. Determining the conditions for replacing a driver's license in the Emirates

Urgent .. the closure of a famous restaurant in the Emirates due to risks to public health

Urgent.. Procedures for converting normal residence to golden residence in the UAE

Urgent.. Starting to monitor monkeypox cases in the Emirates