Activating new mandatory procedures in schools, starting tomorrow

A new residence permit in the UAE that enables foreigners to conduct their business abroad

Announcing the need to recruitment 3,324 to urgently meet the needs of some sectors

Urgent.. Activating a new system for work and residence for foreigners residing in the UAE next month

Urgent.. A new law grants workers in the UAE the right to residency for 5 years without the need for a work contract

Urgent.. Conditions for granting expatriates working in the UAE green residency for 5 years

Urgent.. the UAE government grants all employees in the country a new holiday

Starting today, reducing the period of green traffic and activating new decisions for citizens and residents

Urgent.. Imposing strict procedures again and a fine of 3000 dirhams

“Emergency and Crises” takes urgent decisions due to shocking developments in the epidemiological situation

UAE: 100 thousand free licenses to be granted to employees on the “Government 01” platform

Urgent.. 6 conditions for spouses to receive a government grant of 70 thousand

Urgent.. Institutions in the country announce the start of the Eid Al-Fitr holiday from tomorrow

UAE: New visa for job seekers without a guarantor

Urgent.. Amending the conditions for the validity of residence visas while traveling outside the country

Update and amend travel procedures to and from the country's airports

A circular directed to all institutions and residents in the Emirates after amending the procedures to confront Corona

An exceptional paid holiday for all employees for 3 days.