Urgent Saudi Arabia grants special accommodation for the first payment

Urgent Emir of Kuwait orders "Sheikh Sabah Al-Khalid" to form a new government

Urgent Cyril Ramaphosa application of the minimum wage

A new angel skin from the Crown Prince for every expat residing inside the Kingdom

New loans for all expats in the United Arab Emirates and all that expats in the Emirates need in order to know the details of personal loans

Saudi Passports: A new statement of accompanying fees at the beginning of 2020

King Salman issues an urgent statement on the 2020 budget

Peugeot Corporation issues an urgent and important statement to the Australian people and announces a surprise

Urgent advice for all Egyptians traveling on Saudi Airlines

Urgent: Surprising shocking the flight of Prince Muhammad bin Nayef, and this is what happened to him today

Urgent Kuwait is threatened by a devastating earthquake

Oman News Agency issues an urgent statement regarding Sultan Qaboos bin Saeed

An urgent statement from King Salman to all citizens in Saudi Arabia

Statement of the names of categories of expatriates who are permitted to obtain Qatari citizenship by 2020

Names of categories of expatriates allowed with Kuwaiti nationality for the year 2020

King Salman warns all expatriates who violate the termination of their residency

King Salman: A decision urgent to the passports of the Kingdom to amend the conditions of arrivals before the renewal of the residency of 2020

An important statement from the ruler of Dubai: to raise the minimum wage for all state employees and foreign currency

Urgent: Increased number of people infected with the virus in some places in Australia

Urgent Saudi Arabia Close thousands of fake accounts on Twitter that enhance Saudi policies

Asian expatriate infection with Corona virus

Urgent Give expatriates new benefits for an extended visa

An Australian plane was destroyed and severely saddened in Australia, and the Australian government issued an important and urgent statement

And the UAE has an urgent decision to impose additional fees on these products.