Urgent.. Standardizing the value of residence and visit violations and reducing visa fees

The UAE announces how to obtain a residence visa to work in it

Urgent.. Procedures for foreign workers in the educational sector to obtain a 10-year residency

The UAE .. a condition for entry to nationals of visa-exempt countries

Urgent.. Exempting travelers from visa for some destinations at the beginning of next month

Allow travel to 175 countries without a visa..Details

Officially.. 120-day work exploration visa for all nationalities

Officially .. Allowing the renewal of incoming travelers' visas for an additional period

Urgent.. Activating the new entry visa system and updated residency options within days..Details

Urgent.. AED 650 multi-year visa issuance fees for those coming to the UAE

Amendments to the system for extending the visa of arrivals from abroad, and determining the extension period with conditions

Urgent.. Obligating a foreign expatriate to pay 7000 dirhams of visa fees that she did not extract

A new residence permit in the UAE that enables foreigners to conduct their business abroad

The UAE launches the third generation of advanced visa and residency services

Urgent.. Determining expatriates who are eligible to obtain 10-year residency in the UAE

Officially .. the amendment of expatriate visas and the extension of the period of stay in the UAE after the expiry of the residence

Officially..abolishing the sponsorship system and relying on the employment contract of foreign workers

Urgent.. Disclosure of long-term work visas to attract foreign workers to work in Singapore

For job seekers: long-term work visas to attract foreign workers

Urgent.. Issuance of a "student" visa for residents and those coming from abroad

Urgent.. A new law grants workers in the UAE the right to residency for 5 years without the need for a work contract

Urgent.. Conditions for granting expatriates working in the UAE green residency for 5 years

Urgent.. the UAE allows entry to travelers coming to search for job opportunities

Urgent .. 9 cases in which a foreigner may reside in the Emirates without work