Officially announcing two cases that allow the employee to resign “without warning” .. Urgent

Abu Dhabi Police: a new alternative to traffic violations

For workers in the private sector.. 11 cases that allow the cancellation of the work contract without warning

Urgent.. Cases that allow immediate termination of the employment contract without warning

Warning to all job seekers in the UAE about some of the available jobs

An important warning for residents of some areas in the Emirates from Sunday to Thursday

Important police warning to all travelers about airline tickets

Urgent.. an important warning from the Ministry of Health

Urgent warning from the Ministry of the Interior regarding electronic fraud links

A ministerial warning to private sector institutions to prevent foreigners from working in some professions

New instructions from the Ministry of the Interior regarding driving on state roads

An urgent warning document for all employees in the country due to the use of social networking sites

UAE: Warning against this violation at the traffic light

Urgent.. a new traffic violation punishable by a fine of 400 dirhams and four traffic points

Urgent health warning due to the discovery of the danger of two products to life

Urgent .. Warning employees of imprisonment and a fine of 20 thousand, a penalty for some "work violations"

Urgent: The employee has the right to be absent in order to find another job

Imprisonment and deportation of some expatriates because of "insurance" for traffic accidents

Urgent.. Warning of new methods of financial fraud through social networking sites

Urgent .. Warning to employees of a "work violation" that leads to imprisonment and a fine of one million dirhams

Specific cases that allow the employer to dismiss the worker without notice

Urgent..a warning to all citizens and residents of the latest bank fraud methods

Urgent.. A fine of 150 thousand dirhams for a phone message

Health issues an important warning to citizens before fasting the month of Ramadan