Official warning: the possibility of a total ban on flights between some countries

Warning of a new way to steal bank card money

Details of the evacuation of the arrival hall No. 2 at the airport due to a suspicious package

Urgent.. an important warning from the police and civil defense to citizens and expatriates

An important warning from the authorities regarding employment contracts for expatriates

"Identity and Nationality" warning of fraud by expatriate recruitment offices in the UAE

Urgent warnings from the authorities.. not to leave the house unless absolutely necessary

Urgent warning to all car owners of a traffic violation fine of 1000 dirhams

UAE: The Ministry of Health warns all citizens and residents after discovering the presence of harmful products

Imprisonment and a fine of 500,000 dirhams, a penalty for some publications on social media

Important warning to citizens and residents: 12 smartphone applications steal bank data

Warning of sudden changes in weather lasting for several days

Warning citizens and residents of 10 violations, fine of 500 dirhams

Warning: Imprisonment and a fine of half a million dirhams is the penalty for committing this violation

Health issues an important warning to citizens before fasting the month of Ramadan

Urgent.. A fine of 150 thousand dirhams for a phone message

Urgent..a warning to all citizens and residents of the latest bank fraud methods

Specific cases that allow the employer to dismiss the worker without notice

Urgent .. Warning to employees of a "work violation" that leads to imprisonment and a fine of one million dirhams

Urgent.. Warning of new methods of financial fraud through social networking sites

Imprisonment and deportation of some expatriates because of "insurance" for traffic accidents

Urgent: The employee has the right to be absent in order to find another job

Urgent .. Warning employees of imprisonment and a fine of 20 thousand, a penalty for some "work violations"

Urgent health warning due to the discovery of the danger of two products to life