Ministry of Labor identifies 9 cases of contract termination deportation of expatriates and termination of their work

Work refuses to renew the residence permit for those with these professions and the reason is unknown

Dropping residency permits for expatriates raising residency fees and visa fees

An important warning from the authorities regarding employment contracts for expatriates

Urgent Decree .. Defining the obligations of expatriates and workers in the private sector

Urgent statement from "Health" regarding the travel ban to limit the spread of the Omicron mutant

UAE changes the weekly work system and the official holiday on Saturday and Sunday

Institutions adopt 6 working days, and the weekly holiday is one day

Determining the work and vacation law for workers in the private sector

New general rules for the work of citizens and residents

«Unified Rules of Work»: 4 systems for end-of-service benefits for citizens and residents

Preparations for the "new holiday" and the extension of working hours.. for employees and shopping centers

UAE: Sets the date for the New Year's holiday for employees

Urgent.. Develop services to cancel and renew expatriate residence permits

Harassment by the work manager causes a painful end to the life of an employee..Details

UAE: 12 types of “work permits” regulating work in the “private” sector

UAE: Introducing 6 conditions for issuing work permits

Introducing 4 cases to prevent the issuance of work permits and cases to cancel it

New contracts system for work in the private sector

Obligating the employer to pay the expenses of treating employees in 4 cases

Ministerial Circular on Fees for “Labour Recruitment and Recruitment”

The statement of the Ministry of Human Resources regarding the working hours on Friday

Cases of termination and non-renewal of the employment contract

UAE: Activating work with new working hours in the coming days