Urgent.. Implementation of a new mandatory decision on all workers in the "private" and "governmental" sectors

Urgent.. A new mandatory insurance system to protect the interests of workers covering 6 cases

The UAE announces how to obtain a residence visa to work in it

Urgent.. Procedures for foreign workers in the educational sector to obtain a 10-year residency

Urgent.. 6 conditions for granting foreign workers 10-year residency in the UAE

Urgent.. Two days paid leave for workers in the Emirates

Urgent.. a new paid holiday within days for all workers in the Emirates

For workers in the private sector.. 11 cases that allow the cancellation of the work contract without warning

Officially.. a new law sets the controls for absence from work ..and how to cancel the employer's complaint

Granting workers paid and unpaid leave in sick cases for a period of 90 days in some cases

Urgent.. Activating a new law for workers in the UAE and the employer within weeks

Officially..abolishing the sponsorship system and relying on the employment contract of foreign workers

Urgent.. Disclosure of long-term work visas to attract foreign workers to work in Singapore

Urgent.. Amendments to the paid public holidays law for workers in the UAE

For job seekers: long-term work visas to attract foreign workers

Urgent.. A new law grants workers in the UAE the right to residency for 5 years without the need for a work contract

Officially.. Implementation of a new system of workers' rights and bank guarantees for workers in the UAE

Urgent: 4 days paid vacation for all workers in the UAE

Officially: paid vacations for workers in the UAE

Urgent.. The Labor Law determines the duration of annual and weekly paid leave for workers

Urgent.. 4 conditions that allow a worker to be employed in other than his specialty

Urgent.. an official holiday that lasts for several days for workers in the private sector

Officially... obligating employers to register employees in the unified system for insurance protection

Cabinet decision on reviewing the financial rights of workers and employees