Urgent.. a mountain collapsed due to Hurricane Shaheen over the houses

"Identity and Nationality" warning of fraud by expatriate recruitment offices in the UAE

Urgent statement regarding the system for the survival of expatriates and remittances

An exceptional paid holiday for all employees for 3 days.

Urgent Decree .. Defining the obligations of expatriates and workers in the private sector

Determining the work and vacation law for workers in the private sector

Urgent, the UAE authorities impose new medical examinations on employees

Officially.. an exceptional paid holiday for all workers and employees for several days..Details

UAE: 4-day official holiday for workers in the private and government sectors

UAE: The Labor Committee begins entertainment operations for expatriates

New contracts system for work in the private sector

The decision of the “Human Resources” regarding the imposition of fees on the employment of workers within the country

Urgent.. A fine of 150 thousand dirhams for a phone message

Urgent.. Ministerial circular for job seekers and visa applicants

Urgent: 5 ministerial warnings to citizens and residents regarding the recruitment of expatriates

Urgent.. Amending the conditions for the validity of residence visas while traveling outside the country

Urgent.. Announcing employment cases for employees only 4 hours a day

Officially.. the date and duration of the Eid Al-Fitr holiday in the private and government sectors

Urgent statement from the police regarding the work of the violating expatriate workers

Urgent.. Announcing 60,000 job opportunities in the UAE in the coming weeks

Announcing the system for calculating the annual vacation period for part-time workers