A pleasant surprise about a drug that kills Corona within 48 hours.

"Antiviral Research" magazine revealed that scientists from the Australian University of Monash, in cooperation with the Royal Hospital in Melbourne, have found an anti-parasite drug responsible for the proliferation of SARS in human cells.

The agency quoted "Sputnik" Russian Australian magazine, that the researchers gave this antagonist, "Ivermectin" to new infected with the emerging coronavirus who had not been infected for two hours, and it became clear through this test that the antibody fought the cells associated with the spread of the virus and decreased its number by 93% after Only 24 hours, the percentage rose to 99% after two days.

"After about 48 hours after vaccination, the effect of the anti-ivermectin-assisted drug has increased, as it has led to a very large decrease in the virus in cells," the research report says.

The scientific report adds: "This indicates that the use of this drug has resulted in the elimination of all cells associated with the virus." In its summary, the report added that Ivermectin had no toxic effect on the subjects tested.

Scientists in Australia hope that these tests and results are light to find an effective drug that can be used to eliminate the Corona virus and rid humanity of the epidemic as soon as possible.

It should be noted that this drug was tried only in the laboratory and was not tried clinically and did not obtain a permit to produce it from any official authority, and that its use as a treatment for humans needs experimentation first for a period of at least six months. It also carries a lot of side effects that make it dangerous if used with corona patients.