Formation of the new government in Kuwait

From the State of Kuwait, we publish to you the features and surprises of the ministerial formation in Kuwait, the formation of the new government and the frameworks of the new approach to assuming ministerial portfolios.

Several Kuwaiti newspapers revealed today, from sources they called, that Prime Minister Sheikh Sabah Al-Khaled will follow a new approach before submitting the names of the candidates for ministerial leadership to the political leadership, led by the Emir of the State of Kuwait.

Formation of the new government in Kuwait

In the same regard, the Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Anbaa quoted the sources as saying that Al-Khaled will not be satisfied with looking at the candidates' CVs and asking the candidate about the tweets issued by him.

Does it include attacking or criticizing the situation of a particular country or regime, and the university from which he obtained his academic degrees, and is it recognized or not?

And whether he had cases in the courts, or previous court rulings? And the sources confirmed that this step enables the Prime Minister to issue an immediate exemption decision for any minister that appears after his ministerial information that is different from what has been stated, and he will not have to wait for a cabinet reshuffle.

Earlier, well-informed Kuwaiti sources revealed that the ministers excluded from the Kuwaiti government, which submitted its resignation last Monday, are known, and the name of the Prime Minister is known and known, and he is Sheikh Sabah Al-Khaled.

The sources said that the ministerial deliberations and consultations began shortly before the official resignation, and the reluctance of some of those who were offered the ministerial position was noted.

Hence, the sources revealed that two deputies from the parliamentary blocs will be entered, in addition to that the ministerial portfolio will be assigned to specialized names known for their integrity and efficiency, noting that implementing this does not prevent quotas.

Also, other informed sources revealed their expectations that the new Kuwaiti government will be announced in December.

Noting that the readiness of the list of the names of the new ministerial candidates is resolved to expedite its submission to the political leadership. The sources indicated that the government will announce in December to enable the Council of Ministers to meet in two regular meetings on December 27 and January 3 in preparation for the parliamentary session on January 4.

If Prime Minister Sheikh Sabah Al-Khaled is unable to complete the nominations and submit them to the political leadership to officially announce the government and hold preliminary meetings for the Council of Ministers in preparation for the December 21 parliamentary session.