Corona virus
Corona virus

Unveiling new instructions to protect from infection due to the spread of Corona virus on the go and walking in the streets.

Technology company Ansys has prepared a video showing how HIV-infected saliva drops can reach another person while walking, jogging, or biking

This comes after an Australian doctor advised to "stay away" from runners because those who exercise are breathing more deeply.

"Running alongside it may be less risky than running behind or in front of anyone," said Mark Horner, the company’s primary engineer, the Al-Hurra channel. He continued: "During a run alongside someone else, you are less likely to be exposed to any infected fluids."

He added: "If someone coughs, those drops remain suspended in the air, and if you are walking behind him six feet you will collide with them directly; they have not had enough time to fall to the ground; so if you are next to the person, in the absence of wind, they will not collide with you "

While the possibility of "sweat" from the virus has not yet been confirmed, experts say stool and other bodily fluids can carry it.

But most experts said that their biggest concern is when it comes to runners who are not committed to the distance of social distance, as saliva drops certainly carry the virus with it categorically

And Australian doctors advised saying: "When you are running, stay away from others, especially runners who come to you. If they have Covid-19, you must pass it on to you without feeling."