Coruna virus
Coruna virus

Within days, the country will rejoice ... 5 medicines for Corona, including anti-viral, anticoagulant and "plasma" drugs will be offered.

In this context, Dr. Nawal Ahmed Al Kaabi, Executive Director of Medical Affairs at Sheikh Khalifa Medical City, and Chairperson of the National Clinical Committee for Corona Disease, stated that the protocol for the treatment of patients with the emerging coronavirus (Covid-19) includes 5 drugs and hydroxychloroquine, The drug faviravir and anti-viral «RNA», and anticoagulant, in addition to «plasma»

It should be noted that the drug hydroxychloroquine has been used in the treatment of patients with the Corona virus for more than two months, based on the recommendations of the National Clinical Committee for «Corona»

This has been reported by Dr. Nawal Ahmed Al-Kaabi that the work of this drug includes three mechanisms,

The first is the need for the virus to adhere to receptors called ACE2 in the lung, and activation of these receptors needs an acidic environment, indicating that hydroxychloroquine, or chloroquine, increases the alkalinity of the environment, preventing the virus from adhering to ACE2 receptors in the lung.

The second mechanism is that the new corona virus needs an acidic environment, and by increasing the alkalinity of the environment, using this drug reduces the reproduction of the virus, in addition to the drug inhibiting immunity, which is important to reduce complications of «Covid 19».

Al-Kaabi stressed, during media statements, in response to the announcement by the UAE embassy in New Delhi that it had obtained the approval of the Indian government to export adequate quantities of the drug «Hydroxychloroquine» to the state for use as a treatment for people with coronavirus, that the UAE applies the latest treatments, according to the latest scientific research .

The doctor stated that the treatments used in addition to the drug hydroxychloroquine, include anti-viral drugs, whether «RNA» virus «family of Corona virus», or other viruses, and drug «faviravir», which is a virus antivirus that works effectively against influenza and Ebola disease, and medical research has shown that its effect on Corona is very encouraging, in addition to other treatments in intensive care, including anticoagulants and plasma, immunosuppressants and certain breathing methods.

"We apply the latest tests and treatments in the fight against the Corona virus, and we follow certain protocols for prevention and treatment, and other protocols to care for intensive care patients, according to the latest scientific research, and the committee updates treatment methods according to international medical developments," said Dr. Nawal.

On the other hand, the Ministry of Health and Community Protection has confirmed that some preliminary studies have proven the efficacy of drugs, such as chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine, in treating Corona,

The ministry stated that "these drugs are already used in the country, and their effectiveness is continuously monitored, in addition to other anti-viral drugs, while the effectiveness of drugs is measured by reducing the duration of infection or its effectiveness in reducing complications, and thus speeding up the recovery process."

On the other hand, the Ministry of Health has confirmed the start of the use of plasma therapy along with a number of other treatments, as it measured its effectiveness through studies and research, pointing to the UAE’s keenness to follow up on available or announced studies and treatments around the world, and to provide any treatment for the safety of citizens and residents according to what Emirates newspaper published today