Saudi authorities reveal the circumstances of a lion wandering in the streets of the Kingdom

Today, the Saudi authorities revealed the fact and circumstances of a lion wandering in the streets of the Kingdom, and ascending to pedestrians' cars, after photographing him on a luxury car.

The authorities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia have just revealed the circumstances of a Assad roaming in the various streets of the Kingdom.

The official spokesman for the Saudi Special Forces for Environmental Security, Major Raed Al-Malki, stated that this is a reference to the video clip widely circulated on social media.

In which a person appears in possession of a lion on one of his vehicles, and through this, the security investigations were able to arrest a citizen who violates the environment system, for his trafficking in endangered wild creatures, lions, hyenas and two wolves, through a site prepared for that.

In this regard, the official spokesman, Major Raed Al-Maliki, explained that the legal procedures have been applied against him and he has been referred to the Public Prosecution, and in coordination with the National Center for Wildlife Development, to hand over the creatures by virtue of jurisdiction.

He indicated that the penalty for violating the sale of endangered species is a fine of up to 30 million Saudi riyals, and imprisonment for up to ten years, or one of the two penalties stipulated in the aforementioned law.

A lion roaming the streets of Saudi Arabia

Finally, in this regard, he stressed that the Environment Law and its implementing regulations criminalize trafficking in fungal organisms and their products and derivatives.

Everyone has been informed to report any cases that represent an attack on the environment or wildlife on the number (911) in the regions of Makkah Al-Mukarramah and Riyadh, and (999) and (996) in all regions of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.