Urgent.. Imprisonment and a fine of 10,000 dirhams, the penalty for some violators on social media

The legal advisor, Dr. Youssef Al-Sharif, warned of the benefactors’ response to electronic beggars, who write begging letters and ask for help in comments on well-known and famous pages, on social networking sites, whether they are for institutions or personalities, as they claim their needs for help in treatment, maintenance or food. Not true.

He explained that the Rumors and Cybercrime Law decided a special offense for this category of beggars under the provisions of Article 51 of the law, which stipulates that “a penalty of imprisonment for a period of more than three months and a fine of no less than 10,000 dirhams, or one of these two penalties, for each Whoever commits the crime of beggary, using information technology means, through begging, or in any form or means.

He added that among the begging words that beggars use a lot on social media, and are punishable by law, “God save you,” “God save you, I am in need, and my situation is difficult,” or “I am your brother or sister from the country and our situation is a difficult hand. Please help us to live.” Or one or more people would write, “We support a family, we have children, and we need help.”

Al-Sharif warned, in video episodes broadcast by "Emirates Today", through its accounts on social media, to raise awareness of the newly issued laws, that the value of the fine for the penalty for begging according to the Electronic Crimes and Rumors Law is open, as the aforementioned article stated that it is not less than 10 thousand dirhams. , which can reach a million dirhams and more.

The second paragraph of the same article stipulates that whoever uses information technology means to seek assistance from the federal or local government authorities or one of their officials in an offensive manner or contrary to the truth shall be punished with the same penalty.

Al-Sharif warned of the penalty for people filming themselves in video clips and publishing them on social media, to request assistance or to express their grievances or personal demands from an institution, and in doing so would reduce the level and prestige of this institution, then this is a crime that requires punishment, and if it was also Not offensive, but it is not the truth, so the owner shall be punished.