South Africa's news today is new decisions from Cyril Ramafuza for all the people

Iceland: elimination of taxes on all women's products in 2020

Cambodia allows journalists to attend the trial of opposition leader Kim Sokha

Video and photos detailing the assassination of Yusef Ahmed Deedat, the son of the preacher Ahmed Deedat, and his wife, before the entire Verulam court in South Africa

Iceland raised the value of the minimum level for all workers and state employees.

With video| The volcanic eruption of the Philippine Tale causes panic and terror"volcano taal"

Reducing residence renewal 4 years by SAR 2000 for some categories of expats

New Zealand advises its citizens to leave Iraq and confirms that New Zealand forces in Iraq are safe despite the cessation of Iraq’s training

Ukrainian passenger plane crashes and 176 people were on board after taking off from Khomeini Airport

BTS report February rebound Guide Of The Spirit: 7 following quite a while of prodding

South African fishermen infiltrate a sanctuary, killing black for witchcraft.

New Zealand Adjustment to the Minimum Wage Amendment and New Increase in Government Salaries 12%

Pope the Vatican Video: What did an Asian woman who was beaten by Pope Vatican before apologizing for?

Forest fires hit several cities in Australia

The decrease in the price of fuel in South Africa at the beginning of 2020

New orders for Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad for citizens and expatriates to be implemented in the beginning of 2020.

Cattle threaten relations between Kenya and Uganda

Hurricane "typhoon" has killed 41 people in the Philippines. .

A young Israeli woman marries an elderly American woman and tries to steal him with a million dollars

Urgent Kuwait is threatened by a devastating earthquake

Urgent: Surprising shocking the flight of Prince Muhammad bin Nayef, and this is what happened to him today

The Mufti of the Sultanate of Oman breaks his silence and formally reveals the truth about the death of the Sultan, a clinical Qaboos, and all the children cry.

Saudi Arabia rules the execution of five killed Khashoggi killing amid Turkish and international outrage

George Michael’s sister found dead on 3rd anniversary of his death