Urgent .. 60% increase in the average prices of airline tickets

Urgent.. Starting to monitor monkeypox cases in the Emirates

Cancellation and modification of some travel procedures for travelers to several regions

A gang that seizes the money of citizens and residents in malicious fraudulent ways

Returning a passenger plane to the airport 40 minutes after take-off due to a violation

Urgent..Adjustment of travel procedures at airports for travelers to these destinations

Urgent.. "Health" warns of the spread of a dangerous infection.. Prevention instructions

Urgent.. "Health" warns of a dangerous disease that attacks children

Urgent.. Mysterious reasons for the crash of a passenger plane with 132 passengers on board

Urgent... More than 100 people who attended the same school were diagnosed with brain cancer

The police warn of a serious traffic violation and a fine of 400 dirhams

Civil Aviation: Implementing a new air system to facilitate procedures

Reducing the countries that need a prior visa to only 31 countries

Urgent.. a plane crashes after its pilot suffers a heart attack near a residential area

Urgent.. the glass of a passenger plane with 300 passengers on board shattered after takeoff

The largest fine in aviation history was imposed on two passengers for their behaviour

Urgent.. a plane splits in half while trying to make an emergency landing

Urgent: A passenger plane had a serious accident while approaching the airport

Urgent.. The Air Force begins investigation after two planes collided in the sky

Urgent.. borders open for visa-free travel to 166 countries

An important statement from Emirates Airlines regarding the operation of international flights

A video documenting the sudden fall of a plane in a yard and the death of its passengers

An armed attack on an international airport and the cancellation of flights

Announcing an emergency because 1,100 earthquakes hit one area in just 48 hours