21 million fighting hunger in South Africa

More than 11 million people in South Africa are suffering from a severe food insecurity and food shortage crisis as a result of the persistent drought that has hit most of the country for months, according to the latest United Nations statistics.

Fifty-five villas have died from drought in Zimbabwe, according to the United Nations World Food Program (WFP).

According to Voice of America, one of the areas most affected by the drought is Northern Cape, where many farmers struggle to keep their families and animals alive, while losing money and increasing debt.

A sheep shepherd in the province said he had lost more than 400 sheep to hunger over the past two years, accepting donations including animal food to save what he had left, adding that the country's current drought was the worst in 45 years. Agriculture.

A farmer organization estimates that Northern Cape needs at least $ 28 million in three months to help 15,500 affected farms.

On the other hand, the radio reported that the South African government has so far pledged two million dollars.

Another farmer said severe drought had forced her to share her family's food with starving animals.

Two weeks ago, she said, she offered a mixture of dried corn and water to her two lambs after their mother died of hunger, but one died because the mixture was not part of his usual diet.

In addition to animals, children are also very hungry. In schools, breakfast and lunch were combined into one meal containing cornstarch, vegetables and soups.

One teacher said the school feeding system started before the drought, but it became more important afterwards because families suffered and most were unable to meet their children's food needs.

In Kimberley, the capital of Northern Cape, government officials have begun providing financial assistance under the $ 2 million disaster program, but acknowledged it is a difficult task, especially as some farmers live in areas that are not easily accessible.