6 countries have returned air traffic despite the spread of Corona ... get to know it.

In this context, within the framework of the efforts exerted to limit the spread of the Corna virus, the countries of the world announced weeks ago the start of an air embargo and the suspension of the start and reception of flights with slight investments in order to limit the spread of the Corona virus, which struck most of the regions of the globe, threatening the lives of thousands and exposing hundreds of thousands of people.

On the other hand, the Ministry of Tourism and Aviation of the State of Vietnam announced that it will resume domestic air traffic as a first stage, starting from next Thursday, after the end of the closure period decided by the government for 15 days.

This has announced that the private Bamboo Airways and Airgate Airlines will return to the operation of domestic flights, but gradually, and thus, Vietnam will be the latest country to decide to resume flying after China, Cambodia, the Emirates, Russia and Lebanon.

It is worth noting that some countries have started procedures to evacuate their citizens stranded in other countries, but very slowly due to the current conditions and the many requirements

On the other hand, the UAE announced the launch of a number of flights during the current week, as Saudi Arabia announced the launch of some flights with Bahrain not to restore the stranded, and Kuwait also coordinated Egypt to return the stranded, and Kuwait announced that it had started procedures to evacuate its citizens stranded abroad .. This is according to what Published by the Emirati newspaper