A frightening phenomenon that occurs in the sky... and an official statement to clarify what happened

Yesterday, the Egyptian Meteorological Authority revealed a scientific explanation for the strange phenomenon that Alexandria witnessed during the state of atmospheric instability that it experienced, which is the fall of a quantity of water at once from giant clouds, which is known as the “Wudq phenomenon.”

And the official page of the Meteorological Authority in Egypt published on Facebook a statement saying that "personal and public social media pages circulated during the past few days news about a strange phenomenon that occurred in Alexandria during the state of instability it experienced, which is the fall of a quantity of water at once from the giant clouds that formed There, and it is not like the usual rain, and everyone wondered about this phenomenon, what is it?
She added, "This phenomenon is thrush. It rarely occurs, but it happened in Alexandria due to the giant cumulus clouds that affected it and were accompanied by heavy rain."

She explained that "the phenomenon of waterfall can be defined as the phenomenon of water emptying from the cloud and falling as a single mass."

And she continued: "The rain falls perpendicular to a specific area, not scattered, and it occurs when a column of cold air falls through a heavy thunder cloud, which is associated with the phenomenon of microburst (small explosion)."
The Meteorological Authority explained the scientific explanation for this phenomenon, saying: “With the development of thunderclouds, a suspension or carrying of water or hail droplets within the cloud occurs during the rising air currents. Thunder clouds and the rising current suddenly cools, and when it cools, it collapses and falls down toward the ground.”

She added: “As the cold air has a large density, it becomes heavy, so it begins to collapse and fall. And if the process were to happen fast enough and over a large enough area, we would have a large column of cold air that would fall down toward the ground quickly and spread out on the ground with a lot of force and make a small explosion.”

She stated that, "During the thundering phenomenon, the generated wind speed can reach 270 km / h. A small rush may also bring rain with it, and it is often called a rain bomb, and this is what we witnessed."

And she concluded: "The microburst causes damage to people and buildings, but most of the damage it caused was more on the planes."