A Kuwaiti citizen was imprisoned for 12 years because of an American girl, so what did he do with it?
A Kuwaiti citizen was imprisoned for 12 years because of an American girl, so what did he do with it?

A Kuwaiti citizen, after serving a 12-year prison term for an American girl, after his execution of the prison sentence, was returned inside the prisons, accompanied by the Kuwaiti Consul General.



Inside American prisons, he spent 12 years of his life and when he returned to his country, his family welcomed him to receive the conquerors, holding up his pictures, chanting his name and praising his steadfastness and steadfastness.

Yasser Al-Buhairi, yesterday, Wednesday, returned to his Kuwaiti homeland after a bitter period spent in American prisons for up to 12 years.

Al-Buhairi’s family, friends, and countrymen received a popular welcome as soon as he arrived home, uploaded his photos and called a lot in his name as soon as he left the airport.

A large number of Kuwaiti citizens gathered in the reception hall at Kuwait Airport, where Al-Bahri arrived, after his case occupied the media circles recently, after his family's appeals to the Kuwaiti authorities to expedite his return after the end of his ruling at the end of last October.

Al-Bahri returned to Kuwait with the Kuwaiti Consul General in New York, Hamad Al-Hazeem, and two immigration officers from the United States.

And a number of those present raised the pictures of Al-Bahri and the expressions of blessing and congratulations on his safe return to his country, after prior preparation and the general invitation to receive him, as well as the circulation of conversations about him by his friends and colleagues during the years of the study, who flew at him and called him good and cheerful, and denounced the charge that caused his imprisonment and described it as malicious.

Yasser Al-Bahri was imprisoned in 2007, when he was in the state of Florida, USA, to submit a doctoral thesis, to be imprisoned at the time and to be tried later on charges of harassing an American employee who was working in a large Arab-style café, which Al-Buhairi opened in 2004.