The earthquake was felt in several areas around southern England on Tuesday morning

The British Geological Survey got reports recommending the seismic tremor felt like a "guard of HGVs" driving past a house. 

A 3.3 extent tremor contrasted with an "enormous blast" has been felt in parts of southern England. 

It got reports proposing the seismic tremor resembled a "huge blast", while others felt their homes shaking. 

"BGS is accepting numerous notices from press and open in this intensely populated region," it tweeted. 

"Reports incorporate 'like a caravan of HGVs driving past my front entryway at extraordinary speed', 'the house had one sensational shake', 'felt like entire house was shaking' and 'it resembled an enormous blast'." 

Bedfordshire Police said it was getting an "enormous" number of calls from people in general, however no wounds have been accounted for. 

A tweet stated: "Our control room are right now encountering an enormous number of calls because of a quake which was felt over the district. We have right now got no reports of any wounds or major basic harm." 

The tremor was felt in a few zones around southern England on Tuesday morning, with BGS at first tweeting: "We are getting reports of a quake in the Bedfordshire region. 

"We are right now exploring this occasion and will post again without further ado with an update." 

Web-based media clients shared their contrasting encounters of the quake on the web.