A new and shocking decision for all expatriates in the Kingdom
A new and shocking decision for all expatriates in the Kingdom

Today, Sunday, official Saudi sources revealed a shocking new decision for expatriates and residents in the Kingdom, as part of a plan to replace Saudi citizens with foreigners in all jobs.

On the other hand, in a report published on its website on government sources, "work in private taxi guidance facilities will be restricted to Saudi drivers starting from 2020.

The Public Transport Authority has added an agreement with the Ministry of Labor to grant (private) rental facilities a deadline that ends at the end of the current calendar year 2019, to work with taxi guidance facilities if their drivers are not Saudi.

Concerning public taxi facilities, the work will then be limited to the work of the Saudis in public taxis contracted with vehicle guidance facilities starting from 2021.

While new statistics showed the size of expats in the Gulf countries, according to the new figures, the percentage of expats in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia reaches 8.1 million people.

Expatriate employment was 9.58 million expatriates in the fourth quarter of 2018, representing consecutive declines from 2017, when employment represented 10.42 million foreigners.

Because of Emiratization policies, 839,200 people lost their jobs in Saudi Arabia, as Emiratization policies are driven by the size of unemployment among citizens of the Gulf states.