Airfare tickets
Airfare tickets

The Saudi aviation announced the start of preparations for the restoration of air traffic and the return of foreign flights during the coming weeks, as it had been decided in advance in May 2021, and in this context, His Excellency the Minister of Transport held an emergency meeting with the prominent leaders of the General Organization of Airlines to study the preparations for the return International flights.

In a related development, travel and tourism agencies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia announced that they had begun preparations to return international flights, which only 35 days left to resume again, and at that time, the lifting of restrictions for travel outside the Kingdom will be applied if there are no new developments.

On the other hand, a travel office manager announced that the value of airline tickets reservation is currently declining and relatively low, and it is expected to keep declining until the middle of the blessed month of Ramadan, and there is a possibility that the prices of booking flights may decrease to reach 30% compared to prices during similar periods.

He stressed warning all travelers that airline ticket prices would witness an unprecedented increase after the end of the second week of Ramadan.

He announced that it is expected to increase the prices in booking flights to 200% or to 300% in order to accommodate the increase in travel demand significantly, according to expectations.

The director of a travel company explained that the indicators of demand rise dramatically as the date of lifting restrictions on travel outside the Kingdom approaches, as well as with the increase in the number of individuals who received Corona vaccines.