the World Health Organization
the World Health Organization

The World Health Organization chief sends a stern warning to Trump ... "Corona" is not a place to score political points.

The President of the World Health Organization, Dr. Tedros Adhanum Ghebryso, warned US President Donald Trump against politicizing the "Corona" virus crisis that is sweeping the world, and Gebrysso called on the US President to stop doing this if he is serious in dealing with the situation to find a solution that does not cost the country more victims by doing This virus.
"People belong to all political parties, and all political parties should focus on saving their people," Gebriso said at a virtual press conference.

He added that unity is the only option to defeat this virus, and the "Corona" crisis is not a space to score political points, and there are many other ways for America to prove itself.

The US President described the Corona virus earlier, the Chinese virus, in a sign that China is responsible for spreading it and thus bear the responsibility of its victims who died from the infection.