A video documenting the sudden fall of a plane in a yard and the death of its passengers

A video clip showed a helicopter crashing in a yard in Texas, in the United States of America. The video documented the sudden fall of a plane in a yard and the death of its passengers.

In this context, one of the cameras monitored a case in which one of the helicopters was exposed to an emergency event while flying in the sky over one of the American regions of Texas.

On the other hand, the recorded video clip was able to document the case of the crash of a helicopter that crashed near the city of Dallas, in the US state of Texas.

Initial official reports revealed that the tragic event had resulted in the death of two people who were on board the plane, one of whom was its pilot.

It is noteworthy that the video showed a sudden collapse of the plane in the sky in an area near Dallas, which resulted in the crash of the ill-fated plane to the ground.

The video clip showed a rotating tail of the plane while landing on the ground separately from the fuselage.

The video clip also showed the plane crashing in an empty yard located within a crowded commercial sector in Texas, but no one was injured at the crash site, but none of those on board survived.